Newcomers information, must be red.

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Newcomers information, must be red.

Post  Keandre_Wheeler on Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:51 am

About our rules:

• Keep OOC to a minimum, use /pm instead of /b
• Don't whine OOCly about the IC events. Roleplay at all times even if the other one that's roleplaying with you breaks the rules. Gather proof and report him/her after. Show professionalism.
• You must always follow and obey server/gang rules at all times. Breaking any kind of rule will result in a punishment.

About us:

• We're a gang that started out from a group of friends hanging out ICly for a while. What we ask from you is to roleplay and come up with your own ideas. In order to join the gang, you need to roleplay your way in.
• What can we offer you?
• Our daily basis and plans are to have fun within the faction and try to roleplay a more realistic gang, not just /leaning all the time on a wall or something like that. A totally NO.
• As a faction our goal is to provide good roleplay within group and aim closer to the neighborhood roleplay, meaning that we don't need guns to keep ourselves alive nor giving you privileges to DM anyone.We do not allow trigger happies or drama because it's annoying.
• We have the right to Player Kill (PK) everybody who tries to join the faction.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Q:How can I join the gang?
A: Come-by and roleplay your way in. Make sure you’re speaking english fluently and can use the East/West coast type of accent. Gangster talk to be precise.

2. Q:How do I get initiated into the gang quicker?
A: There's no shortcut, depends on your roleplay, try to be original.

3. Q: Where can I find you guys?
A: Either drop me off a PM on forums so I can hand out tips or find it out IC.

4. Q: Do I require a certain level to join the gang?
A: We don't take into consideration the level, we're interested on the quality of roleplay you hold. Old saying, quality over quantity.Level 1 players have the same chance as the high leveled ones.

5. Q: Why isn't anyone speaking to me?
A: You won't be spoken with right away, don't try to force 'being' known around the gang. Patience is the key to success, keep trying.


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Re: Newcomers information, must be red.

Post  Arnborg on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:09 am



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